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The Company:

Complex Composites Inc. (CCI) develops advanced composite compression molded parts using new compounds having high mechanical properties and a short cure time. The mechanical properties of the molded parts are equivalent to an aluminum casting and 30% lighter. In many cases parts made of aluminum can be fabricated cheaper and faster using a compression molded composite.

Also in concert with Essex Turbine Ltd. radial flow turbines, compressors and pumps can be designed using a patented approach to meet specific design goals and be produced from a single piece mold at high production rates.


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Business Objectives:

CCI will work with the customer to design and develop a cost-effective composite alternative for a current product or new concept. The part will be designed to meet the mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements but will be shaped to accommodate the compression molding process.



The molding compounds can either be Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC) or Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC). CCI uses SMC in most cases because of property constraints. The systems used are epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester resins reinforced with carbon or glass fiber. Properties for a high performance vinyl ester glass filled SMC are as follows:

    Specific Gravity:1.9

    Flexural Strength:85,000 psi

    Flexural Modulus:3.0 Million psi

    Tensile Strength:50,000 psi

    Tensile Modulus:3.8 Million psi

    Izod Impact: 36 ft lbs notched


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